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NFT’s are still gaining popularity in various areas. Slowly it substitutes collectibles associated with sports teams. And now it is getting to the racing sport. In case you would like to participate and become an owner of racing NFTs, you should consider at least two options. First of all, you can purchase NFT’s issued by racing-themed online games, such as the Crypto Cars World. The other way is to support your favorite F1 team by buying a digital collectible it offers. Now let’s see more details about these options.

Crypto Cars World

If you are a fan of Need for Speed, you would definitely love the Crypto Cars World. This game allows you to feel what it’s like to be a participant of a real race. Users can play for racers or mechanics. After the registration everyone gets fo free a basic car and a garage for two cars to try the game. However, there are bigger garages and different types of cars: basic, sport, classic, supersport. It is important to mention that these cars are NFTs, which makes them unique and tradable.
There are also Race Coins (RC), the currency that can be used on the platform to buy things you may need in the game, such as fuel and tools. It can be earned in two ways: by farming or by racing. Now 1 car equals 100 RC, and for 125 RC you can purchase 1 car.
The project is new. It was created in 2021, and now it is definitely gaining popularity. The team has a lot of plans for the future.

Formula 1

The real life races are also looking for a way to stay in trend. That is why some F1 teams partnered with crypto companies to launch their own NFTs to make fans’ experience even brighter.
For example, the Aston Martin team partnered with Crypto.com. According to the Bloom report, the first drop of NFTs included 1500 items and was sold within 24 hours, which was considered to be very successful.
Red Bull’s team became partners with Tezos, now their logo is on helmets and cars.
McLaren partnered with the Turkish cryptocurrency service, Bitci.com.
Formula 1 teams always had collectibles that were bought and sold by fans. Now we can witness a switch from physical assets to digital ones. The interesting thing here is that each team partners with different cryptocurrency projects, which opens wide opportunities for future solutions.

In the examples above we can see that blockchain technologies are reaching new heights, more people are getting involved. NFTs make it easier to purchase and trade collectibles. Now almost anyone can choose the platform and option that suits them the best and try out new technologies in action.

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