Halloween Monster Hunt Game | Crypto Giveaway

Trick or Treat! NFT or Crypto! There is no need to choose when you can get both by taking part in our Halloween Monster Hunt Game.

Find our little spooky creatures hidden all over the SimpleSwap website to get a prize. They will appear every day from October 26th to October 31st, 2021.

Don’t miss a chance to win unique NFT Monsters by SimpleSwap! Furthermore, every monster also has a gift from our cryptocurrency partners – SKY, NEBL, NULS, SAND, ALGO, UFT, DAG.

How to participate:

1. Go hunting and find a Halloween Monster on www.simpleswap.io
2. Click on the Monster to get a picture. Download & post this picture on Twitter.
3. Add the hashtag from this picture.
4. Follow on Twitter @SimpleSwap_io and our coin partners (the one that you found) @SkycoinProject, @Nuls, @NeblioTeam, @TheSandboxGame, @Algorand, @UniLend_Finance, @Conste11ation
5. Wait for the results announcement on our Twitter page on Monday, November 1st!

How to become a winner:

  • Follow all the rules and be the first to post the picture, then the NFT Monster is yours.
  • Follow all the rules and be the luckiest hunter to get the cryptocurrency in our giveaway. We’ll randomly choose 7 winners from among all the participants and reward them with coins that they found (SKY, NEBL, NULS, SAND, ALGO, UFT, or DAG).


Tuesday, October 26th

  • 05:30 p.m. UTC —  the scariest Halloween Ghost with 37 SKY  is showing up

Wednesday, October 27th

  • 03:35 p.m. UTC —  the little Halloween Devil with 75 NEBL is showing up
  • 06:35 p.m. UTC —  the cutest Halloween Witch with 200 NULS is showing up

Thursday, October 28th

  • 07:10 p.m. UTC — the ancient Halloween Mummy with 50 SAND is showing up

Friday, October 29th

  • 04:10 p.m. UTC — the blood-thirsty Halloween Vampire with 50 ALGO is showing up

Saturday, October 30th

  • 05:05 p.m. UTC —  the creepy Halloween Clown with 100 UFT is showing up

Sunday, October 31st

  • 02:15 p.m. UTC — Halloween Grim Reaper with  500 DAG is showing up

Good luck and spooky Halloween to you!

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